Panama Canal, courtesy of Lyn Gately, Flikr Creative Commons
The Panama Canal uses 52 million gallons of fresh water for every passage.  When the mid-August (2015) drought-caused cargo restrictions went into effect for the Panama Canal, I read an Accuweather article that suggested results would not be limited to those felt by the shipping companies. Erica E. Phillips of the Wall Street Journal  quotes University of San Diego’s business school Joel […]

Side Effects of the Drought in Panama

Panamá has declared a state of emergency.  The drought is official.  Cargo ships in the Canal are now restricted to a draft (depth in the water) of 39 feet. Lawns, gardens and golf courses are forbidden to use drinking water for watering.  Burning brush (a favorite Panamanian practice) is prohibited for fear of wildfires. Here in the Azuero, often called “the […]

Drought, El Niño & Your Dinner