Metal-oxide varistor 2
If you are not using surge protectors for your electronics and appliances in Panama, you’re nuts.  The power supply wavers a bit during any part of the year, but during the “summer” months (late December, January, February, March), violent wind gusts play havoc with the power lines, aggravating an already fragile situation. Then, when it starts raining in May, the […]

Why You Need New Surge Protectors

Moving in Panama, while a slightly scary proposition (this is NOT Kansas, honey), shares the same basic logistics you have anywhere.  You have to find boxes, you have to find helpers, and you have to find a guy with a truck. You also have to cancel or change your services and notify “everyone” of your new address. Find Boxes For […]

Moving Day in Panama

(Heavy drama:) The two foot space next to the refrigerator was a total mess. I had stacked my water bottles there. A little voice has been telling me I should fill up those same water bottles for some time. I was realizing I should have listened more closely. The water was shut off. When I moved into this subdivision one […]

Water Shortage in Las Tablas