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Today we have a guest post from intrepid traveller Jess Tripelio, who has some very nice things to say about the interior of Panama. Ten Reasons Panama’s Interior Should Top Your Bucket List Panama is a beautiful country known for its friendly people, stunning landscapes, and glitzy Panama City, but too many travelers stick to the beaches and the metropolises […]

Ten Reasons Panama’s Interior Should Top Your Bucket List

Las Tablas Entrepreneur Charges $3 for Parking during Dias de Patria
In January of 2015, Panama passed a law stating that businesses in shopping malls should provide three hours of free parking.  Being from the States and used to having my potential spending coveted by businesses in suburban shopping malls, I thought this was a fine idea. However, I seem to be pretty much alone in that opinion here in Panama. […]

Should Free Parking Be Illegal?

Well, the addition is finally finished. Except for painting the porch and the outside of the building.  It took four months to get here, with the usual, expected delays.  Right now there is about zero unemployment in this area, and it’s tough to find workers.  Most of the men who worked on the addition were related to my landlady.  I will […]

The Addition, Part 2

The US Embassies have a nifty program for expats that most of them don’t seem to know about. I, for instance, didn’t learn about it until I had been in Panama for nearly two full years. It’s called the Warden Program. When I first heard about it, the word “Warden” immediately conjured a vision of nightsticks and Paperwork Police, but […]

Guardian Angels for Expats

Last Sunday I had lunch here in Las Tablas with a group from the Panama Relocation Tours. A lovely woman from Boquete, Jackie Lange, leads these tours, which help people from just about everywhere decide if Panama is right for them. Jackie loads her group of 15 or so onto a giant, comfy, air conditioned bus and takes them to […]

Panama Relocation Tours

Queen on Display for Carnival 2014
Because the tendency to assume everyone shares our core values is universal, the opportunity to be blindsided by a cultural difference in a foreign country lurks right below the surface, like a grinning crocodile. Recently a friend of mine stepped right into the jaws of one of these cultural differences. She gave me permission to tell her story for the […]

Temporary Cultural Differences