Young Moringas
The “Magic Moringa,” the “Miracle Tree,” the “Superfood Tree,” the “Tree of Life.” These are some of the names applied to the moringa oleifera, a small tree from Africa being used for nutrition, health, energy enhancement, weight-loss, and anti-aging, as well as feed for animals, water purification and plant fertilizer. Why do proponents rave so about Moringa?  Because it contains […]

Fun Plants in the Azuero: Moringa

Four times the yield in a quarter of the space! Imagine! And minimal watering, too! The agricultural display garden at this year’s (2014) Los Santos International Feria showed me how.  And I was charmed. Look at the size of these ripening watermelons and cantaloupes hanging in their trellis garden. They are healthy, juicy and burgeoning. Why is that a big […]

Trellis Gardening is the Answer