foreign Christmas

It is a rare occasion in Panamá that is not punctuated by the sound of firecrackers.  Firecrackers light the night, they pop throughout the day.  Some sound like a really loud bowl of Rice Crispies and some are like cannon exploding. There have been nights I was convinced that we were under invasion by an armed foe and the city was […]

A Festival of Firecrackers

A lot of expats tell me they prefer print books.  I understand.  Reading is a total body experience for me, too.  Those of us made like this don’t just read a book, we enjoy the weight of it, the physical act of turning the pages and hearing the paper rustle.  We like the slick feel of certain paper, the slightly […]

Getting Your English Fix: Print Books vs Kindle

I have just found treasure.  One of my neighbors is a pastry chef famous throughout the Azuero for her cakes.  Vanessa de Cano, a lovely young Panamanian, runs her business from her home in Villas del Cerrito where she produces elegant cakes for special occasions such as weddings, baby showers, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  Such a cake, covered with fondant […]

Resources in the Azuero: Pastry Chef in Las Tablas

It’s official. Christmas IS coming. Thanksgiving is over and the stores now have an official blessing to display Christmas things in the US, even though they have been doing so since August.  Actually, the situation here in Panama is very much the same as it is in the States. Some merchants, though not all, have had a lot of their […]

Christmas IS Coming, Ta-Rah, Ta-Rah