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“Hoist the Jolly Roger” A Photobucket Photo It’s just past nightfall, that point in time where it’s hard to see what is truly happening. Picture a group of angry peasants armed with clubs and very sharp machetes pouring onto a beach on the western coast of the Azuero Penninsula. Their targets are the some half-drowned, exhausted, ship-wrecked pirates, who have […]

How Las Tablas Got Its Name

Candles and Perfume – who can think of them without thinking of romance? Now, imagine a sultry night. Let us say it is a night in, perhaps, late March of 1945, the first night of Carnaval for that year. The Visual Feast Imagine hundreds of women of all ages, lovely in their pollera dresses, the skirts spread like wings as […]

The Romance of Las Tablas Carnaval

Guarare, Panama, a small town just west of Las Tablas, is “the home of the chuco-chuco,” at least according to the song “Yo me voy a Guarare.”  A chuco-chuco is a percussion instrument, similar but not the same as the güiro which is found in Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil and other Latin American countries. Like the güiro, the chuco-chuco is […]

Music: Chuco-Chuco Percussion in Guarare

Once upon a very long time ago, on a Central American peninsula called the Azuero, volcanic action shaped the land.  Most of this activity happened in places where the earth’s crust simply cracked and let the magma flow.  As, for instance, at Playa Uverito where lava flow undulates across the sand and far out into the ocean.  Sometimes the cracks […]

Tales of the Azuero: Why Tete Changed Its Name