Well, the addition is finally finished. Except for painting the porch and the outside of the building.  It took four months to get here, with the usual, expected delays.  Right now there is about zero unemployment in this area, and it’s tough to find workers.  Most of the men who worked on the addition were related to my landlady.  I will […]

The Addition, Part 2

The most effective method I’ve found for finding a Las Tablas rental is simply talking to people. Here are some suggestions to amplify that, plus a really HOT TIP to make your rental search easy-peasy. First, How to NOT Find a Rental in Las Tablas 1)    Make sure to restrict your search to the internet. The first thing to understand […]

Adventures in Renting 5: Finding a Las Tablas Rental

This is the second installment of six posts about renting in the Azuero. ### “Ooo,” my Panamanian friends said with envy, “a quincha house!  Is it as cool as they say?”  In a  word, yes.  It was a LOT cooler than than the concrete block buildings I had been in. The rosy-peach lenses I wear brightened considerably when I first […]

Adventures in Renting 2: Life in a Quincha House