Moving in Panama, while a slightly scary proposition (this is NOT Kansas, honey), shares the same basic logistics you have anywhere.  You have to find boxes, you have to find helpers, and you have to find a guy with a truck. You also have to cancel or change your services and notify “everyone” of your new address. Find Boxes For […]

Moving Day in Panama

Guau. (Wow.) Did you know you can set your smartphone to text you if your dog has to go outside? Neither did I, until today. In my effort to stop playing Luddite and move into the modern world, which is to say, as I attempt to establish my author platform in social media, I’ve been reading a lot. Some of […]

Automate Your Life in Panama

For some reason it seems very difficult to find instructions on how to load Claro prepaid data onto your device. I don’t say onto your phone, because you might want to put it on your USB thunderstick or onto your WIFI hotspot device. In any case, the process is almost the same for each of them.  To load minutes, you […]

Claro Prepaid Data Plans in Panama