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I guess you could say the Adopt a Dog Event was a rousing success. Loni and Mike brought 7 dogs to town, complete with their charming “Adopt Me” harnesses. Six of those dogs have new homes now. AND, a Panamanian gentleman with four puppies joined the group mid-morning and successfully found homes for all four little ones, as well. Loni […]

Followup on Adopt A Dog Event

Four times the yield in a quarter of the space! Imagine! And minimal watering, too! The agricultural display garden at this year’s (2014) Los Santos International Feria showed me how.  And I was charmed. Look at the size of these ripening watermelons and cantaloupes hanging in their trellis garden. They are healthy, juicy and burgeoning. Why is that a big […]

Trellis Gardening is the Answer

AdoptADogAzuero.com Benefit Yard Sale is Saturday April 12th, from 7am in Playa Uverito. It won’t be in a yard, but on the public beachfront across from the Donde Chinto Restaurant, which sounds like even more fun. Other Enticements Besides whatever donations come through for the sale, Miriam Perez is setting up her macrame jewelry right beside the AdoptADog goodies and […]

Save a Dog – Hit the Yard Sale!