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Young Moringas
The “Magic Moringa,” the “Miracle Tree,” the “Superfood Tree,” the “Tree of Life.” These are some of the names applied to the moringa oleifera, a small tree from Africa being used for nutrition, health, energy enhancement, weight-loss, and anti-aging, as well as feed for animals, water purification and plant fertilizer. Why do proponents rave so about Moringa?  Because it contains […]

Fun Plants in the Azuero: Moringa

The most effective method I’ve found for finding a Las Tablas rental is simply talking to people. Here are some suggestions to amplify that, plus a really HOT TIP to make your rental search easy-peasy. First, How to NOT Find a Rental in Las Tablas 1)    Make sure to restrict your search to the internet. The first thing to understand […]

Adventures in Renting 5: Finding a Las Tablas Rental

There’s a new prof in town – Luis Carlos Garcia is offering very affordable and truly useful Spanish classes of exactly the kind you’ve been looking for. As Luis’ student you will learn the kind of Spanish that will let you navigate daily life in a foreign language. You’ll learn to hear what the waiter is saying and how to […]

Local Resource: Spanish Classes in Las Tablas

Zumba is available right here in Las Tablas!  What is arguably becoming the world’s most popular fitness regime, Zumba is an instructor-choreographed Latin dance routine combining elements of hip-hop, soca, samba, rhumba, salsa, merengue, mambo and martial arts.  What a kick.  What FUN. And so good for you. Alicia Conivares, the instructor in Las Tablas, is a remarkable woman.  She’s […]

Local Resource: Zumba Class in the Azuero