noble efforts

  How would you like to save a child’s life this Christmas or New Year? Ten bucks will do it. The statistics are unfortunate: every single minute – that’s every sixty seconds – a child dies from malaria. It’s especially sad because the disease is both preventable and treatable. And prevention is easy. Mosquito nets do the trick.  Mosquito nets […]

Save a Life, Give a Mosquito Net

I guess you could say the Adopt a Dog Event was a rousing success. Loni and Mike brought 7 dogs to town, complete with their charming “Adopt Me” harnesses. Six of those dogs have new homes now. AND, a Panamanian gentleman with four puppies joined the group mid-morning and successfully found homes for all four little ones, as well. Loni […]

Followup on Adopt A Dog Event

Animal Advocates of Pedasi is having a Yard Sale in the Town Square on Saturday, December 14 from 9 AM to 2 PM. Please come and buy and/or donate. We will accept anything including old clothes, books, appliances (working or not), furniture, anything of value you might have and that is taking up space. We will also accept coupons for […]

Local Event: Garage Sale to Animal Advocates of Pedasi