Spanish language

Maldito (accursed one) is the official subtitle translation for a number of naughty English words in movies.  It’s little friends seem pretty wimpy, too.  In fact, even when movie cursing has serious cojones (male equipment), the subtitles might read “Demonios! Diablos! Maldito!” which translates literally to a dainty, “Demons! Devils! Accursed person!” I’ve lived in Central America for two and […]

Fun with Spanish: Bad Word! Bad Word!

There’s a new prof in town – Luis Carlos Garcia is offering very affordable and truly useful Spanish classes of exactly the kind you’ve been looking for. As Luis’ student you will learn the kind of Spanish that will let you navigate daily life in a foreign language. You’ll learn to hear what the waiter is saying and how to […]

Local Resource: Spanish Classes in Las Tablas

Guarare, Panama, a small town just west of Las Tablas, is “the home of the chuco-chuco,” at least according to the song “Yo me voy a Guarare.”  A chuco-chuco is a percussion instrument, similar but not the same as the güiro which is found in Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil and other Latin American countries. Like the güiro, the chuco-chuco is […]

Music: Chuco-Chuco Percussion in Guarare