Panama Canal, courtesy of Lyn Gately, Flikr Creative Commons
The Panama Canal uses 52 million gallons of fresh water for every passage.  When the mid-August (2015) drought-caused cargo restrictions went into effect for the Panama Canal, I read an Accuweather article that suggested results would not be limited to those felt by the shipping companies. Erica E. Phillips of the Wall Street Journal  quotes University of San Diego’s business school Joel […]

Side Effects of the Drought in Panama

One of my Super Gardener friends (Mikkel Moller) mentioned he planned to use diapers in his garden this year. The sodium polyacrylate crystals used in disposable diapers hold up to 30 times their weight in water. Here in Panama where it doesn’t rain AT ALL for almost six months of the year, that sounds like a godsend for the garden. […]

Diapers in the Garden

What do you do when the water supply disappears nearly every day during the daylight hours? No showers, dish washing, clothes washing, etc. For the past several weeks we have had a lot of issues with the water here in Peña Blanca. Make that, the water has been cut off most of the day. I had already dealt with it […]

Water, Water, Water

(Heavy drama:) The two foot space next to the refrigerator was a total mess. I had stacked my water bottles there. A little voice has been telling me I should fill up those same water bottles for some time. I was realizing I should have listened more closely. The water was shut off. When I moved into this subdivision one […]

Water Shortage in Las Tablas