Little Miss Muffet has nothing on me. On Halloween (!!!) a bat fell off the ceiling and landed next to me. It just missed the printer. I sat, fingers poised over the keyboard, stunned, as I tried to process what the undeniably ugly, semi-rectangular brown thing squirming feebly eight inches from my foot could possibly be. Surely not a bat. But, […]

Going Bat-ty

Bill’s eyes light up when he talks about the birds and animals who share his new home. He and Judie have monkeys, toucans and big parrots adding charm to their days now. They have coatimundis (similar to a raccoon), jaguarundis (bigger than a housecat, smaller than a panther), and tiny white-tailed deer that prance across their property. Not to mention […]

Building in Panama: Judie & Bill’s House

The Bufo Toad, sometimes called the “Bufo Frog” or the “Cane Toad,” is native to Central America.  It’s an old species — been around since the Miocene. The Bufo is a prolific breeder.  Some say its reproductive success is because it will eat almost anything, dead or alive, limited, of course, by mouth size and lack of real teeth.  The […]

Danger to Dog and Man: The Bufo Frog