Working ON the Blog or IN the Blog?

jsw_libraryDiamonds are “forever,” and so are certain blog posts. I get repeated questions about certain topics. Usually, the good news is that I already have several articles posted that would help. The bad news is that my readers tell me they are not obvious to find.

So, this particular post is really an announcement: I’ve been busy making a page that will help you find information that’s already up on this blog. I’ve made categories for the most popular stuff, and given you summaries, sort of like movie “log lines”, to help you find the topics you’d most like to read about.

And I’d really like your help with something – please tell me what more you would like to know about? You can pop a question into the comments, or do what my shy readers do – just go to the contact page and drop me a line there. I promise to answer you, and I’ll definitely put your topic on the calendar. Deal?

Meantime, have a look at the new page: Library of Posts